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Frequently asked questions

A loyalty program specially created by Royal Canin Malaysia that rewards and benefits pet owners and our partners. As soon as you register, you are a Basic member and your membership status will be review every 12 months. Earn points to upgrade and unlock new privileges. 

All pet owners and potential pet owners with an active Malaysian mobile number (+60) can register as a Royal Canin Club member to elevate their pet parenting journey.  

As a Royal Canin Club member, you will get to enjoy many privileges, such as: 

  • Welcome voucher* for new Pet Owner registration 
  • Complimentary giftset* for first time pet owners  
  • Earn points through fun quizzes, games and your purchase of Royal Canin products* 
  • Exclusive rewards and vouchers redemption  
  • Personalized pet care tips through educational content 
  • Get the latest news and member exclusive promotions 
  • Locate the nearest participating vet clinic/ pet shop with ease 

  * terms & conditions apply

There are many ways to earn points as a Royal Canin Club member: 

  1.  Registration with pet shop/ vet/ breeder/ shelter referral code
  2. Point-On-Purchase (POP) allows member to earn points for the purchase of Royal Canin products. Eligible products will have a Royal Canin sticker on the product packaging.
    • Royal Canin Sticker or POP is excluded from the below product ranges:  
      • Royal Canin Intense Beauty Adult Gravy (85g x12 pouches)  
      • Royal Canin Wet Range Kitten (85g x12 pouches) 
      • Royal Canin Instinctive Adult (85g x 12 pouches) 
      • Royal Canin Sterilised Adult (85g x 12 pouches) 
      • Royal Canin Poodle Adult (85g x 12 pouches) 
  3. Take part in our surveys, quizzes and games.

You may check your points from My Profile page after successfully login to 

You may redeem exclusive rewards offered by Royal Canin Malaysia after successfully login to which includes Royal Canin Club products, premia, vouchers. Rewards offered are depending on stock availability and can vary from time to time. Once you have confirmed your redemption and points are deducted from your Royal Canin Club account, no exchange or refund is allowed.  

Points earned will have 12 months rolling validity and expires on the last day of the anniversary month. Eg. 50 points earned on 3 September 2023 will expire on the 30 September 2024. Expired points cannot be carried forward nor be exchangeable for cash.  

Not all pet shops and vet clinics in Malaysia are participating in Royal Canin Club. Check “Where to buy” to view the updated list of participating pet shops and vet clinics. 

Yes, but not all breeders/ shelters are participating.

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