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Choosing the Right Dog Breed

From predictability of size and energy levels to the type of coat that they have and even their temperament, choosing a particular breed or a mixed breed puppy will have an impact on how you prepare for your new dog.    

Choosing a pure breed puppy  
Purchasing a pure breed dog means making sure that, once the puppy has become an adult, it will show the physical and behavioural features to be expected as a result of the selection conducted by his breeder as a breed professional.  

For many, the physical appearance of a breed is often what makes them choose a particular breed. However, beyond the physical aspect, every breed has behavioural features which should be known before making your choice. There are more than 300 recognised breeds to choose from, and the best way to gather information is to make enquiries with breed clubs and reputable breeders.    

Things to consider when getting a pure breed puppy  
• Congenital health issues: Remember, some breeds can be predisposed to certain health conditions.  
• Purpose of getting a dog: Whether they are hunting dogs, guard dogs or companion dogs, pedigree dogs often have historical origins. 
   Most of these breeds are today able to live in the urban space, provided that provision is made for daily outings.  
• Sensitivity to lifestyle and environment: Certain breeds are not suited to city life and run the risk of suffering more than others from a lack of physical exertion.     

Choosing a mixed breed puppy  
Choosing a mixed breed dog can also have its benefits. Often, they can be extremely rewarding and loving members of the family.    

Things to consider when getting a mixed breed puppy  
• Variable size: It can be hard to predict the adult size of a mixed breed puppy.  
• Variable nature/temperament: They can have a wide array of nature, from being mellow and friendly to shy and cautious  
• Generally free on heritable/congenital diseases  

So often, the choice of which breed of dog to get is driven by aesthetics, but the breed you choose will have a big impact on their nature and the kind of lifestyle they will need.