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Hematuria Detection

Cats tend to hide disease symptoms and can show few or no early signs of illness. If a medical condition goes unnoticed, treatment options may be limited, or your cat may require expensive long-term care. 

Hematuria or blood in the urine is one of the clinical signs of feline lower urinary tract disease (FLUTD). That is why your vet may recommend ROYAL CANIN® Hematuria Detection, technology by Blücare – litter granules for detection of blood in your cat’s urine. Most urinary conditions tend to recur after one episode, approximately 50% of cats that experience one episode of FLUTD will have a recurrence. And more than 20 health concerns can cause blood in your cat's urine.    

Results right at home     
• Test where your cat feels comfortable  
• Easy to add granules to your cat’s existing litter  
• Allows detection of microhematuria, which is blood invisible to the naked eye  
• Clear results within a few seconds of urination that remain visible for 48 hours    

In many cases, presence of blood in the urine is not easily detected to the naked eye. Traditionally, veterinarians detect FLUTD through urine samples (diagnosed through clean urine sample collected mid-stream) and combined with findings during physical examination. These are processes which can be tedious and highly stressful for both cats and owners.  

ROYAL CANIN® Hematuria Detection is easy to use without disrupting the cat’s daily routine or putting additional stress on the cat. 

All pet owners have to do is follow three simple steps:  
1. Spread: Evenly spread the white granules over clean litter and wait for the cat to urinate.  
2. Inspect: After the cat urinates, inspect the litter box. Upon contact with urine contains blood, the granules change from white to blue within seconds, indicating a positive result, suggesting the possibility of FLUTD. If the granules are white or yellow, the test is negative.  
3. Consult: Contact a veterinarian if the granules are blue to confirm the results and determine the next steps.  

The ROYAL CANIN® Hematuria Detection is available at veterinary clinics upon your veterinarian’s recommendation. This at-home solution allows veterinarians and cat owners to work together to better manage cats’ urinary health. 

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