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Puppy Care Tips

Your puppy’s first day with you  It is a big day for your puppy when they leave their mother and litter. 

To help them feel happy and at home with you, follow these key tips.  
1. Keep your house calm to avoid stress.  
2. Take them outside as soon as you get home so they can go to the toilet. Reward them with a positive tone when they manage to go.   
3. Let them begin sniffing and exploring a safe area of your house with full supervision. Allow your puppy to come to you for comfort rather than the other way around to avoid overwhelming your puppy.  

Puppies like to know what to expect. Plan what your routine will be for feeding, toilet trips, exercise and grooming, then you can get started on day one. If you know what routine the breeder was following before collection, it is best to continue with this for consistency until your puppy is settled.    

Your puppy’s daytime and night time routines  
The first few days and weeks are really important in ensuring your puppy integrates well into your family and grows into a healthy, well-behaved dog.    
Daytime Routine  
1. Young puppies have no bladder control and need to go to the toilet immediately after eating, drinking, sleeping or playing. Take your puppy to the same toilet spot outside first thing in the morning, after each meal, nap and before bedtime. Use simple command such as “toilet” or “fast”.  
2. Make sure you feed your puppy at the same time same place each day, so they know when to expect it. During weaning, they will need four meals a day and, until they are at least four months old, they will need three meals a day. If you are ever unsure, ask your vet for advice.  
3. Physical exercise is a vital part of your puppy’s daily routine to help them stay in good health. Once they have been vaccinated, they can go on walks. Take them twice a day but limit each walk to 15 mins initially.  
4. it is important you are consistent from the outset so that they understand house rules such as no climbing on the sofa. Training classes are great way to help socialize them and establish good behaviour.    

Night time Routine  
1. Plenty of exercise before bedtime will help your puppy to sleep, so it is a good idea if their second walk of the day is later at night.  
2.  If you take your puppy for a walk just before bedtime, they will have a chance to go to toilet. If you do not, you will need to take your puppy outside to their regular spot at bedtime. Young puppies will also need to be taken out to the toilet around every three hours during the night.  
3. You can start off by putting your puppy to sleep in the crate near where you sleep. But keep interaction to a minimum once you have put them to bed. Soothe them with a reassuring voice if they whine. Too much fuss when they whine may lead to attention seeking behaviour, however ignoring your puppy may cause anxiety and frustration.