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About the German Shepherd

 The German Shepherd is a loyal, intelligent and adaptable dog.

About the German Shepherd
When well trained German Shepherds can be even tempered, self-assured, vigilant, docile and highly intelligent. This long list of qualities makes them good companions and protectors, and excellent guarding and herding dogs.

German Shepherds are driven by their motivation to work. This breed should receive significant daily mental and physical stimulation, with their high exercise requirement and need to learn.
Source: key facts and characteristics sourced from Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI)

Breed specifics
• Country: Germany
• Size category: Large
• Average life expectancy: 9–13 years
• Even-tempered / Confident / Loving / Resilient / Protective / Lively / Obedient

Key facts
• Makes a versatile working dog
• Needs a lot of physical and mental exercise
• Makes a great family dog

Origins of the breed
The German Shepherd was originally bred from the herding dogs of central and southern Germany.
Methodical breeding commenced once the first breed association was founded in 1889, with the goal of producing an energetic, versatile, high-achieving working dog.

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