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About the Persian

 Despite their charming, musical voices, Persians prefer to communicate with their owners using their intelligent expressions.

About the Persian
The Persian has a sweet, gentle nature and is quiet and easy to live with. They are happy to be groomed and petted by children but are unlikely to join in boisterous games with them. Persians are creatures of habit and prefer calm atmospheres and gentle handling. They like the security of being on the ground and does not climb often.
Source: key facts and characteristics sourced from World Cat Congress (WCC)

Breed specifics
• Size category: Medium
• Average life expectancy: 12–17 years
• Traits: Quiet / Calm / Sociable / Affectionate

Key facts
• Best suited to quiet households
• Requires a lot of grooming
• Best suited to indoor life

Origins of the breed
The world’s most prestigious cat breed owes its name, but not all its origin, to the fascinating empire of ancient Persia. It is not possible to be exact about the origins of the Persian cat. Most experts agree that long-haired cats are a result of a genetic mutation and the longhair variety of cat could be the result of mating between the European Wild Cat and Pallas’s Cat (the Steppe Cat).

Long-haired cats were recorded in both Turkey and Persia as early as the 17th century. Today’s Persians are probably descended from a mixture of different breeds and are the result of the work of dedicated breeders over a long period of time.

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